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Should I Repair or Replace?


8 Signs of Why You Should Replace Your Air Conditioner 

  • Your unit is blowing hot or cold air which is inconsistent to temperature settings

  • Your system is more than 10 years old 

  • It’s emitting strange noises or strange smells

  • Your unit is leaking or producing excess moisture

  • Your energy bills have dramatically increased

  • Your unit is short cycling

  • Your energy bills have dramatically increased 

  • Your unit requires frequent repairs (and is out of warranty)

40% Space heating and cooling_0.png

Did you know that the energy costs to run an air conditioning system can amount up to 40% of your total power bill?


With improvements in technology and noise levels, you may be want to consider replacement over repair.

Source: Energy Rating - Space Heating and Cooling (

Daikin ducted replacement savings
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