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VRV Systems


The ultimate in control and efficiency, VRV systems allow independent control to individual rooms via a range of indoor units connecting back to a single outdoor unit.

With modern homes being constructed with more and more space restrictions, a VRV system is a great option. A VRV system allows for multiple indoor units being connected via compact refrigeration pipe work to a single outdoor unit. One compact outdoor unit can service up to 14 different indoor units, with an impressive total connectable capacity of up to 31kW. 

Daikin VRV systems make use of inverter technology, with the condenser efficiently controlling its output capacity to match the requirements of each room, meaning that you can turn just one room on or all at any time.

Delmar Air Conditioning have exceptional experience in designing custom VRV solutions to suit almost any home, so whether you are at your planning stage with your architect or the house is framed up, we are happy to assist with an obligation free consultation and proposal, so contact us today! 

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